“Listen to the Waves”

Welcome Back!!!

First, a chi-miigwech to CBC Superior Morning for debuting the new releases for the upcoming album, “and then…”. I have always been a huge fan of CBC, and they were the first to ever play my music, so I am feeling some big gratitude for their support, and for all of you who are coming to watch, listen and follow along with the release. The entire album will be available digitally in December.

Two weeks ago, we released “Warrior’s Lullaby“.  You can read the blog here. This was emotional for so many, including those who were part of the recording of the song. I want to add here, that I will NOT be making funds/revenue on this song or on an upcoming song “Crying Bones”. Should there be any funds off of these two songs, we will donate the full amount to an organization that is dedicated to using full donated funds to reconciliation efforts. We are currently working on finding the right organization to donate to.

Ok… on to “Listen to the Waves“. This one is light and fluffy…. completely different from “Warrior’s Lullaby“. I wrote this one down in Mexico on our honeymoon. My husband loves to surf, and I had never tried it. I spent a few months prior to our honeymoon working out like CRAZY so I looked ok in that new bikini…. and had the physical strength to surf myself as it does take an amazing amount of strength and endurance.

Well, I was pretty exhausted after the first 3 days, and I was also trying to work on writing my Master’s Thesis. I took a break from surfing to write on my academic work, but really wasn’t mentally in the head space to work on a Master’s Thesis, so I borrowed an old guitar from a local person, Marco. I decided to write a song while watching my husband surf… (and he sure looked good surfing!)…

Here is the only video I have of me surfing.

The 2nd verse implies I’m going home to see my love, but the truth was he stayed behind in Mexico to keep surfing and I had to return home to my day job, but lyrically it just felt like it brought the song to a good spot. And “my love” is my home, where I live, my life. The puppy is Abby. She was only a few months old.

The line “Good to see the skies with different eyes, but loving all the things that I own” is key in this song for me. Trying to really see the world differently. We spent our honeymoon in a fishing village, not a resort. We were able to stay in the community, sit with, eat with, sing with and enjoy life with the locals. It really lends a completely different perspective of life in that is not your own back yard. It truly was beautiful, and I loved experiencing the beauty of our visit and creating new friends.  In the same breath, it was so nice to get home to the -40 Celsius and a couple feet of snow, my own home, my bed, my guitar, my piano … my life.

I truly hope you enjoyed the song and a little about the songs birth.


Visual Artist: Sonya Belisle

The artwork is a special story too. As I’m doing a slow release on the music, I thought I would do a slow release on the artwork too. Sonya Belisle is one of the artists that are working on the album artwork as the songs are released. She had this first song and also had this song. I told the artists that I didn’t want to know what they were doing, and I did’t want to add my input; I wanted them to truly have their own thoughts and interpretations of the songs through their art. It will be interesting for me (and hopefully all of you!) to see how this album artwork progresses through the songs.

Well, I thank you all for reading this little post, and I so much appreciate you watching, listening and sharing… 🙂 The next song that will be released is, “i miss you”.

If you would like to be on a mailing list for the songs as they come out, please feel free to send me an email to shyanne.leah@gmail.com and I will send you the next blog post with the “i miss you” release and video. Vanessa Giniw-Ikwe will be the next artist for this song. So excited to see how the album art evolves with the song releases!