Bumping Up Leggy Tomatoes

Hello everyone,

So, we are having an unseasonably warm March! Signs of spring everywhere – I even saw 3 geese yesterday! Sure sign of spring on its way.

Anyway, I get asked lots on what to do with tomato seedlings that are tall and leggy and falling over. This is common and very concerning for many. Here is what you do.

  1. First, get a bigger pot with a richer soil (I have my bump up soil that I make). I add some sphagnum moss to the bottom of the pot to help hold moisture and also to keep the roots in the pot and not grow out the bottom.
  2. Put just a thin layer of dirt over the moss (about 1/2 inch to a full inch).
  3. Remove the tomato from the smaller pot and loosen the roots.
  4. Remove the lower leaves of the plant.
  5. Place the tomato seedling as deep as it will go in the pot and bury the stem as far up as you can.
  6. Press the dirt in firmly but gently.
  7. Add more dirt if needed.
  8. Water the plant slowly until the soil is fully damp/wet.

When the seedling is placed deep in like this, the tomato plant will create an amazing root system on the stem that is buried. The plant will slow down on its growth upwards and flowering as it puts its energy into growing a big root system. As I start my plants so early, it gives me the time to do this. After the root system has been established, the plant will then start putting energy back to the top of the plant.

Honestly, this process will give you a much stronger, healthier and more productive plant. I have the process in the video as well if you would like to see the process.

Happy Gardening!



P.s. If you have questions,  please feel free to drop me a line at shyanne.leah@gmail.com

Also, as you may notice, I’m also a musician!

Here is a live performance of my song “Bones” if you are interested.