Week 7: Rotating Soil in Garden Boxes

Rotating Soil in Garden Boxes

(Video above and a write up here! Take your pick!)

Ok, so you have garden boxes and you are busy getting things prepped. If your garden boxes are new, I wouldn’t worry too much. Even a couple years old, it’s not that big a deal yet. However, there are some things you should know about garden boxes and soil.

Garden box soil does not go through the same process as actual gardens. They typically will not get worms or other critters that help the soil regenerate itself, thus, it becomes quickly depleted. I of course add compost and composted manure every year regardless. I also add bone and blood meal, and a bit of epsom salts. I don’t rotate soil every year.

If it has been a few years, take the soil out and do some landscaping with it. You don’t have to take all of it out, but take at least half of it out. You will notice if you pay attention, that you wont see any worms!!! A big sign of unhealthy soil! Don’t put the used soil in other gardens if you can help it. Fill up holes in your yard, or level out something, and let Mother Nature regenerate the soil.

Refill your box with fresh garden soil. I usually add half fresh soil, and half composted manure and compost. Remember, I still have 50% of the original soil left, so you are really only adding 25% compost and well composted manure. (Somehow this suddenly seems like a math lesson!)

Oh!!! Another big important thing! Add some perlite into your garden box too. You don’t need a ton, but enough to add space, minerals and fluff to your soil. I also like to add bone meal, blood meal and epsom salts. Be sure you get epsom salts from a garden store and not the drug store… lol… a very different kind of epsom salt!

Well, good luck everyone! I’ll see you next week! Message me at shyanne.leah@gmail.com if you have any comments or questions.