Weeks 1-5 Links: What to Plant When, Bumping Up, Planning Your Garden, Garlic and Composting!

Hey everyone!

Before I moved my gardening blog here, Netnewsledger gave me a space to write about gardening. Here are the first 5 links to my blog (outside of this website of course!). I hope you enjoy! AND I have a video to show you how things look and are done for each video except the garlic. 🙂


Week one: What to Plant When

This link will lead you to a video and write up about what veggies to plant when. This is what I do, but is not the be all and end all of anything. There are many ways.



Week two: Bumping Up  Your Veggies

This video and article gives you some pointers on how to move your veggies into bigger pots.



Week three: Planning Your Garden

This video and article link gives you advice on how to plan your garden, resources, and a few free plans.



Week 4: Growing Garlic 

I was asked lots about growing garlic, so I did a post on how to plant garlic by seed and by bulb.



Week 5: Composting

This article and video talks about different ways we compost here.



Hope you enjoy and learn! Please remember, I know there are many ways to do things. It is what is going to work best for you! We all have different lives, set-ups, needs, and resources. This is just what works for us!

Happy Gardening!


P.s. If you have questions, please feel free to drop me a line at shyanne.leah@gmail.com