One Voice… 115 singers

So, if you read my splash page, you will know that I’m an avid musician and I’m also a gardener.

I thought if I’m doing posts here about gardening in The Singing GreenThumb, I should be doing some music too.

I wanted to just share this little video of a song that I wrote (with the help of my friend Jordan Elcheson). My big dream was to try and get 100 voices to sing on it. Have it start like a solo and end in this massive chorus! Well, in the end I was able to connect 115 voices on this song from all over the world! A very large accomplishment.

More so, this song is about our environment and I really wanted to be sure that I could do this without an environmental impact. I was able to get the vocalists to send vocal tracks to Jordan and many were able to also send video to our videographer, Damien Gilbert with Epica Pictures. The video shows only half of the vocalists as not everyone was able to participate, but still an amazing accomplishment. My biggest dream so far musically…

What next? Not sure…. but I hope you can take a minute to check out the video… if not for me then for Mother Earth and all those who stood with me to perform this song and bring it to life.

Miikwich to you all….