CBC Searchlight: Vote Jory, Burns In and Shy-Anne

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 9.47.58 AM

We made it to the Regional FINALS!!!!!!

Only one of us (Jory or Me) can pull through this round.. My song is “Savage”, Jory’s is “The Game”.  Put your votes to where you want them. I am teaming up with The Burns In from BC for votes. Can you please vote for them as well?





Links and directions. Scroll down till you see the Blue VOTE button like the one shown. Click it. Then click play as plays count as votes as well. Don’t forget to share this link.

Singers on the “Savage” song are, Danielle Boudreau, Kendall Cormier, Sydney Mosa, Mallory Guilbault, Taria Tuuri, Adam Couture, Natalie Capello, Cassidy Belisle, Josie Cormier, Jory Zechner, Shy-Anne

Also, please play it, we get more points.  And Please share the link with your friends and family 🙂