Shy-Anne Hovorka


Shy-Anne is an award-winning songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, humanitarian and performer, whose first three albums have sold 10,000+ copies worldwide.

Shy-Anne’s first two albums “Black Thunderbird” and “Pseudo” were nominated for 19 awards, garnered multiple award wins and a lucrative licensing deal for the song “Can’t Change The World” in the “Blackstone” TV series. She was also a top 16 finalist in the 2013 CBC Searchlight competition.

Her third album release, “Interwoven Roots” captured a new element of her diverse song writing skills that established her as a viable artist in the realm of “Country Music”. “Interwoven Roots” was released in 2012 and won six 2012 Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards. The first two singles from the album, The Glue & Run, Run, Run received “Commercial Country Radio” air play across Canada in more than 30 markets.

In April of 2014 Shy-Anne is releasing her groundbreaking album called “Bones”, which is a testament of her ability to take a listener on a magical journey through multiple genres, moods and emotions. “Bones” continues Shy-Anne’s tradition in country music, yet forges into many styles that include the unique sounds of world music instruments and is destined to become her most popular and best work to date.

She has appeared on various television shows including Breakfast Television & Global News and has been interviewed by numerous radio stations across Canada including CBC Radio. She has garnered more than 300,000 views views on her official YouTube channel. Her song “Can’t Change the World” won a coveted spot in the opening ceremonies of the 2010 World Interfaith G-8 Summit and the headline act for the 2010 Indigenous Festival with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra.

Over the years, Shy-Anne has embarked on multiple concert tours across Canada that continue to win over the hearts of her fans and admirers, including select shows with the “Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra”. She has performed as the featured soloist for the Thunder Bay Symphony under David Bowser, Arthur Post and Dan Bartholomew-Poyser, and has won numerous awards for her performances at many Classical Musical Festivals.

Shy-Anne holds, an “Honours Bachelor of Music” and “Bachelor of Education” and currently working on her “Master’s of Education” Degree. When Shy-Anne is not touring as a solo, band or symphony act, she is working with youth in her community with music and the Ojibwe Language, or out on the land reconnecting with the Earth.